The Carnival: One


I have always been a free spirit. I roamed my father’s infinite kingdom with glee and timeless abandon. There was no end to the freedom and pure bliss known to me. Pleasure was my constant companion, ecstasy and ineffable glory surrounded me; in fact, was me. All my explorations were accomplished in perfect peace, for there was nothing that could harm me.

Not that I was a great warrior, or even had need to be. Warriors were not needed in a kingdom of no conflict. That is my father’s kingdom. All is provided. All is abundant. In fact, “All” is the natural state where I dwelt. But, in one instant, in one brief glance, it changed; in that one brief incomplete thought exploration, my curiosity was aroused. It “seemed” there might be the possibility of “more”.
What a glorious possibility!

Granted, I was a child then. In my childish impetuosity I often communicated as a child, thought as a child, even reasoned as a child. In simple language, sometimes I just didn’t think things through. I would get so captured by exploring the initial idea, so deeply engrossed in the possibilities, that I wouldn’t take other self-evidential truths into account. And that is how I ended up in the carnival.

If you are reading this, you must be at the carnival now, since that is the only place copies of this document can be found. This is the story of my trip there. Maybe it will be of some assistance on your trip. It may not be much of a travel guide, but hopefully you’ll come to see it as a companion on your journey. Or maybe, at the very least, it will let you know that you are not alone, that you are not the only one who has traversed the buzzing, insane distractions of the carnival.


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Course student. Former psychotherapist. Available for phone or email counseling on a donation basis. Energetic Balancing. BioEnergy Healing, Domancic Method. Emotion Code. Body Code. BodyTalk Access. Human Design. Spiritual Counseling....
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