It all began innocently enough. While navigating the far reaches of infinity in my father’s kingdom, a fleeting flicker of something odd grabbed my attention. When I say “grabbed my attention”, I mean like a bear trap at the carnival grabs anyone that has been unlucky enough to trigger its steely jaws. Curiosity is a powerful attractor. I’m sure you have experienced its effects.

Well, that is how powerfully I was attracted. And let me tell you why. In my “world”, only pure knowledge exists, without form, complete and total. What seduced my attention was “form”. Somewhere in infinity I suddenly became aware of what appeared to be “form”. It wasn’t long in my awareness, but the impression existed long enough for me to revisit the unique “possibility” of it being “real”. And I was hooked.

I was so hooked that I couldn’t shake its haunting memory from my awareness. Remember, I was a child. I was curious. I was intrigued. What else can I say? It is only now I recognize it as a seduction. But I couldn’t recognize that then. I was so excited about the “possibility” of more that I vowed to explore the “carnival”. It was only later that I would find out that code word for it. At that time, it was just a tiny idea percolating in awareness. But I had to explore it. I just had to! I needed a plan.

I needed a plan because, though my father loved me infinitely and unconditionally, I seemed to have a sense that he would not want me to explore the carnival. It seemed almost a sinister idea to want to, even to me. And yet that was part of the attraction. I began to devise a strategy. I had heard of a rumor that there was somewhere a spirit with intimate awareness of the realm called the “Carnival”. I just hadn’t ever met with it, and didn’t know how to go about it. I had only heard by rumor that the spirit was referred to as ‘Clete’? At least, that seemed to be all I could recall in my driven and frenzied state. And so I set out to find this Clete character.


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Course student. Former psychotherapist. Available for phone or email counseling on a donation basis. Energetic Balancing. BioEnergy Healing, Domancic Method. Emotion Code. Body Code. BodyTalk Access. Human Design. Spiritual Counseling....
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