What is God’s Will?

I hear a lot of discussion about this topic. I often get questions that sound a lot like this. “What is God’s will for me in this circumstance?” It appears to me there is only One answer. God’s will is One. It is that simple, I believe.

God’s Will is always that we return to Him in our wholly, Holy, pristine state. In other words, it is to fully accept the Atonement for ourselves.


In the ever present always of this instant we are forever with God and have no problems, no concerns, no difficulties, no worries about the body or what it is going to do next. It does what it does. There is no “me” doing it, no internal volition. That “me” is a figment of the illusion of form, and of this dimension.

You can catch the “me” for yourself and see the Truth of this quite easily. The next time the body does something unexpected, like catching the glass rolling off the table or braking to avoid an accident, in an instant you will catch the process being recorded into memory, with the insertion of the noun “I”. “I” did that.

With radical honesty, and a fearless devotion to truth, you will begin to notice that it happened of its own, and “you” did not think about doing it before it happened. It just happened.

Yet the retelling of the story of the incident includes the word “I”, which you identify as being you-the body, or you-the mind. In this illusion, we only “experience” the recording into consciousness the event. We do not experience the event itself.

That is the truth of the oft-heard statements of: “There is no doer behind the action, no thinker behind the thoughts.” They just are, as God is.

God’s will is for us to return and let God be God, and stop taking credit for what we never did.


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