“This is so strange. I’ve never experienced any thing like what you are describing. What is a mind anyway?”

“You will receive one. It is a way of assuring the universality of your experience in the carnival. You will also receive a disguise of form that you will wear while at the carnival. Neither is what you truly are, yet they are both tools you may use when you tire of the carnival. Their proper use can assist your return to your original state, as you are now. But without the nagging current curiosity about the carnival.”

“I must change to go to the carnival?”

“That is part of it. And from that alone you can begin to surmise that the carnival is not “real”, at least not in an eternal sense.”

“If it isn’t “real”, then how can it exist.”

“It “seems” to exist in the minds of those that hold a belief in the possibility of separation from the infinite. Its function is to slowly erase that belief through the insanity of the illusion. Unlearning then takes place, followed by a return to the knowledge you now have, without any delusions that there is “more”. It is to your innocence that you return.”

“The innocence I had before being enthralled by the tiny mad idea?”

“Yes. And their is no reason for adverse thought about being enthralled. All children of the father go to the carnival. Viewed properly, it is a useless endeavor, except that it restores certainty of your completeness in the infinite. Another aspect of this tiny, mad idea of time is that it seemingly creates distance, or space.”

“Why is it called the carnival?”

“It is a place where you learn to play. A place where you learn to participate at the level that allows the most internal joy possible. There are multiple areas one can participate in. Yours will be the search for Truth. That is what will be joyful for you. Indeed, that is what is most joyful for all in the carnival, though most have yet to recognize this. All will eventually. Your path through time and space is not at random. You cannot help but be in the right place at the right time. Another curiosity at the carnival is that everyone seems to believe they are separate from everybody else, and call each other by different names. Your name shall serve as a constant reminder of your path. You shall be called Verity.”


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