Setting out isn’t really the proper term. I knew how to contact Clete. I just hadn’t had a reason to do it before. In my father’s kingdom, all was in constant contact with all, but in my frenzied state I had to tune in to Clete. We communicate differently here, so this is my best attempt at putting down what occurred in this meeting. When contact was made, I asked about the carnival.

“You have looked and not seen,” was the immediate reply. “You are already in thrall to the strange attraction.”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Then you will enter the carnival. It is your will.”

“Are you really known as Clete?” I queried.

“Para Clete. You may address me as you wish. I am aware of what you are, and shall always be.”

“Can you tell me about the carnival? What is it like? I recall you have intimate knowledge of it.”

“Yes, I shall tell you of it. It will not change your experience; you will be made to forget what I tell you upon entering the carnival.”

“Why will I forget?”

“A universal experience of the carnival is necessary for it to serve its rightful function.”

“So everyone forgets?”

“The degree is set by experience in the carnival. To begin, all forget everything. As experience is gained, forgetting gives place to learning.”

“I have to learn again what I already know now? That doesn’t seem to be very efficient.” (My childish wisdom was so clear to me. Obviously, I didn’t understand.)

“No. You must forget so that you can learn the ways of the carnival. After learning your portion, you will then have to unlearn it so that you can begin to remember.”

“That seems totally convoluted, and not very efficient.” (My childhood logic seemed to make total sense to me.)

“As is the carnival.”

“Please tell me the whole story, even if I’m going to forget.”

“I will relate to you what is possible. As you know, in your father’s kingdom all is connected, all is known, and all is available.”


“Your father’s kingdom is the infinite thought field of all possibility where all is one. Within that thought field, there appears to exist the possibility of the “belief” in separation from that infinite field. Remember, belief is a limit to the Truth. The attraction then comes from the idea of “more”. Obviously, infinite would include any idea of “more” as an abject fallacy. However, in order to maintain the attraction to the carnival a tiny, mad idea was devised to seemingly limit “knowledge” by introducing an element of time into the timeless.”

“This sounds totally insane. How did this come into being?”

“Only in illusions could it be perceived. Here we communicate through direct revelation. In the carnival, slow learning through perception, and then the slow unlearning of perception is made seemingly possible by a split mind. Part of the mind that you will have in the carnival is focused on navigating the carnival. Part of it is designed to begin to dispel the illusions the navigator mind believes in, the carnival itself, and the possibility that it is separate from the infinite.”


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