“Yes. It means Truth. It will serve as a constant reminder to you that Truth is what you are. It seems quite elusive at the carnival, but it can be found by all who seek it. You, as all do, will have an internal truth detector. When you hear truth, or see truth, or even have a thought that reveals truth to you, the experience will be be a sense of deepening. You may get chills or feel as if light showers are entering your suit from outside. Only those who deny truth deny this profound experience. As you allow more and more of these episodes, your belief in the reality of the carnival will diminish, and your sense of your own magnitude will begin to return.”

“The carnival isn’t real?”

“It is not Real in the sense that it is not eternal, though your true creations there are.”

“What is a ‘true’ creation?”

“The extension of the Love of your father. That extends your fathers kingdom. You will become quite adept at it.”

“I seem to know so little about the carnival, and what to do when I’m there. How will I learn?”

“Go within your suit, to the core of what you have always been. Do not seek outside yourself, though there are abundant hints and signs as pointers to direct you back within. Always remember to laugh, especially at yourself, the carnival is silly. Keen observation will reveal its underlying incongruency to you. And though you will have a mind as part of your equipment at the carnival, don’t believe your thoughts. Thoughts are not knowing. At best, they are only hints.”

“What other equipment will I have?”

“You will have the protoplasmic suit which is a learning tool and a communication device. It will communicate what is going on in your mind as well as picking up emotional information about what land you are currently in. The carnival is arranged in lands, or levels. If the emotional information is unpleasant to you, you are in the land of denial. If it is pleasant, all the way up to peace, you are making progress. The suit is also used to communicate with “seeming” others you will meet in the carnival. It can communicate through sound, and thought vibration, as a form of energy.”

“And the mind?”

“As I mentioned earlier, the mind in the carnival appears to be split. One part of it is for navigating the carnival. It will record what just seemed to happen in time, and store that memory for reference in some imaginary future situation. It is not real, it is a recording, but because it believes it and the suit and time are real, it has appointed itself as the guardian of your suit, and your mind. It then projects the recording into the imaginary future and attempts to “protect” what it sees as “you” from what it considers “dangerous” situations in this imaginary future. What it does not recognize is that you are not your suit, or your mind. You have them, but they are not you.”

“What am I?”

“You are now and forever a part of the one son of the father. You are rightly called children. Because your mind has not yet developed to the point of always recognizing complete thought, you are capable of getting carried away by ‘incomplete thoughts’, as if there were such a thing.”


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