“What is after the land of sham?”

“The next land you will encounter is the land of gilt. The same trick during the recording of information is used here. As events are being recorded in the fictitious past, the insertion of “I” is placed before the thought. This land is about actions and deeds, and again, is entirely impersonal. So, during the recording, an event that has the thought-motion attached to it of “that action or deed wasn’t good enough” becomes “that action or deed that ‘I’ did wasn’t good enough.” It is good to remember that one of the purposes of the p-suit is to make certain that your travels through the carnival are not at random. It assures that you are in the right place at the right time. So everything that appears to happen is perfect in that instant. It is only in the recording of it that the editing function of the split mind adds personal data to it. In reality, there is no “you” there doing anything. It is just the p-suit being swept through the carnival by prevailing local conditions.”

“Well, where am I?”

“That is your search. You are inside the suit, where you will be as long as you are at the carnival. As lingering remnants of carnival craziness are removed from the mind, the true “I” reveals itself, from within. There is so much that appears to be happening at the carnival, it is quite easy to get distracted and begin to believe that something outside yourself can give you a sense of who you have always been, but again, that is the insanity of the carnival.”

“If it is so easy to get distracted, how can it be possible I’ll ever find my way home?”

“It is impossible for you to not find your way home, unless you stay in the lands of denial infinitely. The carnival allows each to visit for their appointed time, and allows each to stay for as long as they want. Eventually though, suffering becomes so great that the insistent call of a better way is heard. This allows for the one brief instant when the journey without begins to become the journey within, back ‘home’. Understand this though, you never left. There is nowhere outside infinity. Only in your mind is that a possibility, limited though it is. It is just that belief in limits that fuels the split mind to seek ‘more’ all the time.”

“And the next land?”

“Yes, the land of pathy. This land is very sparse and dry. A desert land. A land of little, and even what is there is insufficient. It is limited by the previous lands. Its foundation is the beliefs of the lands prior to it. Remember the prior beliefs are ‘I’m not good enough’, and ‘What I do isn’t good enough’. If those are the beliefs held in mind, there is no hope. There is no possibility of change, no possibility of growth, no way out. When you are in the carnival, you may hear reference to the sign noted by a fellow traveler called Dante. “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” This refers to the land of pathy. The experience here can seem timeless. It is so dis-spirited that one cannot emerge without help.”


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