“Yes, I can see that I am being carried away now. What about the rest of the ‘split mind’?”

“That is truly my domain. I am the remaining communication link between your father and all who travel in the carnival.”

“How do you communicate with us?”

“Not like we are communicating now. We have no need for communication here, for all is known as one. We have what might be called communion. That is almost unheard of in the carnival. The one part of the mind that records the past and projects the future does this in order to make you believe in time and obliterate the present moment. There is no time except the present, and it is always here. It also uses past deeds and imagined future deeds to keep you feeling frightened, guilty, and afraid to go within, where you might actually find each present moment. That is how I communicate. In the stillness of the present moment. Sometimes with a word, a thought, a certainty, an image, a sense of internal expansion, a vision of light, a knowing of the ‘rightness’ of any situation. It is always for your benefit, and always with my utmost care for you as a servant of your father. If you cannot hear my voice, it is because you have denied it, or you are choosing not to listen. Often, when you are denying, or choosing not to listen, or leaning on your own strength rushing around doing because you are believing un-investigated thoughts I use seemingly external means to get your attention. A sign, a bird, a snippet of a passing conversation, maybe even a conk on the noggin of your p-suit to startle you back to the truth of who you are. The only thing I cannot do, is violate your desire to remain asleep.”


“Yes, before you enter the carnival, we will have you ‘go to sleep’, all who enter the carnival are asleep. As is recorded in the carnival’s records, ‘So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam.’ Nowhere is there a mention of him waking up, nor has there been a significant re-awakening in the carnival as yet. All will awaken in time, but only as a function of their willingness to awaken. One of the backwards upside-down aspects of the carnival is the belief that sleeping is rest. Rest comes not from sleeping but from waking.”

“Can you tell me more about the lands?”

“Yes. The lowest land, the furthest from your father, is the land of “sham”. In this land the prevailing thought-motion is “not good enough”. You will often feel “less than” others. There is a sense of littleness there. The pathway out of this land is the recognition that all thoughts are impersonal. The thoughts that come from the landscape of sham are given personal meaning by the split part of the mind. This is the part that wants ‘more’, and it believes that by calling it ‘mine’ it has more. It doesn’t care what ‘more’ is, just that it has it. It claims ownership by inserting the word ‘I’ before the thought-motion. So, instead of it being the impersonal ‘not good enough’ it becomes ‘I’m not good enough’. That will serve as an example to you regarding the wisdom of not believing your thoughts.”


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