If me weren’t here

I have sensed the jealous glance of perhaps a million stars,

Tortured in their unconscious heaven.

For I have been kissed by the sun and moon on copious nights

Without measure,

Yet always, wanting more, I called for a kiss from that divine One

Who created me.

He came at once, asking where it hurt, and every body cell exploded

In agony.

He kissed them all, caressing and adoring each wound I had imagined,

Leaving each healed to move to the next.

And then one day, He did not leave after kissing,

For me was there no longer.


About acim8

Course student. Former psychotherapist. Available for phone or email counseling on a donation basis. Energetic Balancing. BioEnergy Healing, Domancic Method. Emotion Code. Body Code. BodyTalk Access. Human Design. Spiritual Counseling....
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