Translucent Silence

Words, aching and knotted, twist around my throat
Awestruck and still
Perturbing calm, too translucent to stick, spreads like whispers
I’m bound up and let go
Blissed out and charged up
Electric awareness plugs me in and pulls me out
The allness and isness collide in my heart
I’m melted into now and thrown into here
Shattered noise breaks into a million bits of silence
And I awake
(Tammy Lorraine; copyright 2012. all rights reserved)

About acim8

Course student. Former psychotherapist. Available for phone or email counseling on a donation basis. Energetic Balancing. BioEnergy Healing, Domancic Method. Emotion Code. Body Code. BodyTalk Access. Human Design. Spiritual Counseling....
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