2012 02 04 Diary

Saturday, February 04, 2012


This poem is for us all.


The key is what you think you are.

That with which you identify yourself.


That within you that says ‘I’.


The world in which we all live is a man-made world.  We all inherited those basic beliefs. In order to participate in the world we act as though that ‘I’ is the one who has a name.

That is the way of the world.


Having an identity is a critical step in evolution.  The wild animal has no sense of identity.

The animal that lives with man develops one.  A sense of self.  They are reaching up towards “humanness”.


And then comes the step of letting go of what we think we are.


That which we are has no gender.  It has no name. It has nothing

apart from God.


No story.


No ego.


No thoughts.


No body.


No ‘thing’ – no form.

(Marg Pratt)



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